A unique hotel on the slopes of the Tzoumerka mountains Anavasi Mountain Resort

Pristine wilderness, Traditional Culture About Our Area

The exploration, adventure, and escape options in the untamed beauty of Tzoumerka are endless. Stone villages, monument churches, museums, snow-covered slopes, alpine meadows, canyons, rapids and rivers, countless waterfalls, well kept arc bridges, ruins of watermills, the Anemotrypa cave, safe trails amidst dense vegetation, spruce forests, rare species of plants and animals and local flavors are characteristics of Tzoumerka.

We guarantee you'll fall in love with Tzoumerka. The enticing cave of Anemotrypa, the monastery of Kipina, built in 1212 on steep rock, the winding, cobbled roads of traditional villages Syrrako and Kalarrites, the majestic waterfalls of Katarraktis, the monastery of Vyliza, the “Gate of Heaven” canyon and waterfalls in Matsouki, the 13th century red church with the beautiful murals near Voulgareli, the ancient Greek musical instruments and traditional jewelry of local artist Giorgos Polyzos in Tsopela, the Papagiannis museum in Elliniko, are sure to enchant you with their distinctive grace and excess aesthetic superiority.

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Stroggoula, a peak of the Tzoumerka mountains
Beauty untamed by man
The Kipina monastery, built high on rock in 1212
A little suprise at the end of the Kouiassa Trail
The area is packed with waterfalls
Forest meets mountain, and we're right in the middle
The traditional village Syrrako